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99 – Beauty

beauty of natureSomeone is supposed to come sit with me today.  I’m not sure who it will be or if anyone will show up at all.  No invitations were sent.  What can I expect to be part of this new and beautiful day?

I see someone walking towards the riverbank, just a shadow at first.  A memory stirs inside me as I watch and wait.  Goosebumps flesh out my arms and my face feels hot.  My heart is beating hard.  I can hear it.  I can feel it.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or something I should fear.

I look towards the river.  I watch the water as it flows by: slow and steady and with purpose.  Calming.  It has a place it needs to go.  I smell the soil, the water and the faint odor of decay.  The sun is gentle on my skin, the wind lifts the hair away from my neck. My breath is steady.  I feel someone sit on the bench beside me but I won’t look.

I want to wait.  Just a little bit.

For several minutes we sit there.   The river is peace flowing by.  We listen to the birds cry with joy as they possess the freedom they rightfully own. I am more aware of everything around me than I can ever remember.   I feel the warmth of the body beside me, the pull of my visitor, every ounce of my being begging me to look.

I turn toward my friend (?).

I look into dark eyes that light up the world. They are changing colour so fast from dark to the bluest blue I’ve ever seen and back to dark to become a mirror. I can see generations and decades and lives gone past in those eyes staring back at me.  An old soul, one might say but I would say love and hard lessons has made this life live on.  I close my own eyes for a moment relishing that love and gathering my emotions.  There is no fear, just progression.  Strength.  It has to come from somewhere.  It’s always been there.

I open my eyes.  Now I’m bewildered.  No one is there but the sensitivity is still with me. A faint outline of that magical being lingers like my breath on a cold wintry day.  I still  feel the gifts and sensations left behind in my heart, my head.  It’s like little electric shocks going through my mind and down to my toes.


There cannot be fear.

I will fly with the birds.

I will be the river.

I am one with the sun.

I am the wind.

I will live forever.