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A Mother of a Mother’s Day

I had a mixed-feelings kind of day.  My daughter had a sleepover birthday party last night so she wasn’t even around to pamper me with breakfast in bed and all that hooey. (I say hooey only because I didn’t get breakfast in bed.)  Knowing my son, he was still sleeping.  I had to leave for work by 11:30 and dropped very strong hints to my daughter about the best time to reach me. 

Everywhere I looked were happy mothers with their kids and partners; they walked down the street, and Facebook had play-by-plays of breakfasts in bed along with pictures of smiling children holding on to their precious gifts for their precious mothers.

I was starting to think how terrible a mother I must be to be alone on Mother’s Day morning with nary a call nor a text from one of my young uns.

Forlorn and anxious about waiting for the phone to ring, I roused my Fella on MSN video.  He can usually be counted on to make me laugh. Or just melt my socks off.

Oh what did I do?” I wailed.

“It’s a bitch, hunny.  Wait and see what happens.  You never know.” He sweet talked me.  Always works.

Then I noticed a very interesting thing outside my living room window.  A big truck.  Not just a big truck but a BIG truck from The Brick.  And it was parked in front of my house.

“Something good is happening to somebody today,” and explained to my Fella what I was seeing.  Though by this time he was absorbed in the sheet metal he found on kijiji and was only making grunting sounds.

Wait a minute.  One of the delivery guys was coming up my ramp!  And he had a clipboard!  I excitedly told my darling fella that something was being delivered right here!  What could it be?  Who is it from?  My kids are great, oh they love me yes they do! I did a little dance.

“Just answer the door, hunny.” Oh, right.

I met the guy at the door.  I was so excited and he could sure tell.  He was happy to tell me my new table and chairs had arrived.  I just looked at him blankly.  I don’t even have a dining room.  I saw other men unloading a huge box from the huge truck. He double-checked the address with me.  Crap.  It was for 3 blocks that way. 

Bye-bye present.  Bye-bye truck.

Crushed.  I was crushed.  My Fella sympathized with me.  He even gave up looking at kijiji to comfort me.  I just couldn’t believe it.  It was like someone was playing a really mean joke on me.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Hon.” Yeah, thanks sweetie.

So off I went to work with a lump in my throat and a fist in my tummy.  Put in my 5 hours of hard labour, punishing myself for the failures I have brought upon myself.  During my break, I, of course, checked my phone for messages.  My wonderful first-born had texted me and wanted to take me for supper.  Ah, one of them loves me.  Now for the other one.  I texted Carly.  No answer.  Texted her again.  No answer and break was over.

After work my phone was dead so I ran to the car to put it on a charger.  The girl had texted me.  No HMD but “pick me up at 6”.  Yeah right.  I called her and gave her a piece of my mind. 

She took the bus home.

My Jason brought me flowers then we three went out for supper to our favourite place, Salisbury House.  We always get a booth in the back because those two really get noticed.    They throw food at each other, call each other names, wrestle, laugh, screech, bellow and belch. And they’re loud. 

It was so much fun.

Carly got Jason’s BB while he was paying and changed his status on his Facebook.  It now reads I love my sister.

He’s good with it though.  He already had 3 women commenting on how sweet he is.  And he really is.

Next year, I will not let this amazing day stress me out so much.  Today, whenever I felt anxious I would think of my own mother and the wonderful things she did and the sacrifices she made.  I appreciated her after I had my own kids and went to her constantly for advice.  Now, of course, she is gone but how I learned from her!

It’s kind of hard to live up to a legend. I am so proud to be her daughter.  I only hope my kids will feel half the love for me that I feel for my mom right now.

Happy Mother’s Day.  I feel a whole lot better.