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Seven Somethings and Seven Someones

I started writing a blog in 2006 with huge dreams of being famous and everyone loving every word I wrote.  Not much was happening in the blogging industry back then or with my creative conduit.  Nevertheless it was so much fun writing about family and friends.  What a thrill I had when I saw someone had read my post.  So excited.  Never mind a comment! No one in my household was remotely interested in reading it; I guess I mean my-then partner as the children were, well, children.

Its funny, too, that people I’m close to, hell! intimate with, do not read my blog.  Perfect strangers do every day with no problem delving into my twisted thinking.  I think I get it though.  There are some people I’m close to that just don’t need to know everything.

I have been a little more lax in posting the last couple weeks.  Then I got a wonderful nudge from a buddy-blogger who crowned me with an “Irresistably Sweet Blogger Award”!  I was so excited to be recognized by someone so advanced in her own writing skills and been my mentor for the short time I’ve followed her.  Check out Sprinkles here http://howcanicomplain.wordpress.com/ .  You will love her as much as I do.

Now to fulfill my duties at the risk of losing this honour I should list 7 things about myself.  Because I have such an easy time finding the good in the majority of the population and I find it daunting to find it in myself, I decided to do an informal poll on Facebook.

The answers that came in were wonderful; not a bad one in the bunch and most I never realized anyone would notice.  The majority is from a childhood friend (Sherri) who I don’t see very much anymore and will love dearly forever.  The bonus number 8 is from Corrie with whom I had many adventures a lifetime ago and she edited my short story from yet another lifetime.

  1. Your writing – I think Sherri was so happy I finally found something I could do and I let myself let it happen.  I was happy too. Writing, to me, is like bonding.  I have become a different person because of it.  I love it.  Thank you for it.
  2. Your resilience – I think Sherri may mean how much adversity I’ve (and most people) had to face and my work to survive.  I am a survivor and continue to be and want others to be proud of who they are because of who they are. 
  3. Patience (if I had (her) for a sister she would be really sorry) – I have had to learn patience for sure, whether it be with family members, clients, whatever.  I find as I get older (and that keeps happening, oh dear sweet jeebus!) this is changing.  I may be more wimp now than anything.
  4. ‎Loving – just look at the way you view your mom and dad. Not everyone loves their parents and can forgive their faults – I like to think I am loving and kind too.  It can get me kicked in the face a lot but then I see #2 up there.  My parents were/are very loving and accepted people into their home and lives, filled with trust.
  5. Your sense of humor……one thing that got me through my teen years – Sherri and I had such a bad time in our teens.  The pressures from everywhere was enough to sink a ship but add the abuse we endured to our bodies and souls, a torpedo would have been merciful.
  6. Your acceptance of people in general……….not judging others and their choices – I love people and I love their individuality.  I am judged everyday because of how I look, talk, age, whatever.  I know how it feels.  I try not to generalize and because of that, I discover interesting and diverse cultures and personalities.  If I did not do that I would never have begun the journey to discover myself.  I like to know what make people tick.
  7. Your smarts………….you got me to do this for you and didn’t even have to ask:) – Yes I did or maybe manipulative is the word.  I have only accepted in the last 5 years or so that I am actually smart.  Except for math.  Sometimes I amaze myself at my ability to just open my mouth and out come the right words for the right situation.  True.  Except for math.
  8. You are a teacher of many things, not only for your kids, but your friends as well. – This is from Corrie and is the bonus fact on this page.  I’m not a teacher but I try to show someone a different path or a better way.  To show and feel respect. To say something to someone and see the light bulb go on is profound to me.  As I said to Corrie, at the very least people will learn by my mistakes.  I do, for the most part.

Now, the second part of accepting this award is for me to award it to 7 other deserving bloggers.  Easy as pie as I have a mother lode of talented and skilled writers at my fingertips.

  1. Deborah Bryan of “Monster in Your Closet” http://deborah-bryan.com/:  a true writer who is so skilled and unafraid.  She puts her very soul into every word on the page/screen.  She is an author, mother, partner, daughter, mentor and inspiration.  I love her.  I’m reading her book next week once I get Stephen King away from my bookmark!  I want to be Deb when I grow up.
  2. Then there is Claudia Thompson who just started writing a blog a couple of weeks ago.  http://lovechild1969.wordpress.com/.  Claudia has been in my life now for almost 10 years.  She is a raw talent with a quick sense of humour.  She is also one of the kindest people I know.  Please follow along so you may watch her talent emerge from birth.  I can’t wait.
  3. JC Little, a real live animator who has a real live TV series and everything and is in Wikipedia, of all things.  Her blog http://www.theanimatedwoman.com/ is so fresh and different, I have so much fun reading her stuff.  Usually it’s not long but with pictures she drew herself that tell the most hilarious stories.  I love pictures.  She has  over 9,000 followers on Twitter, including me,  and I am so amazed she is following me back, “talks” to me and reads my stuff. And likes it too. (Name dropper r I)
  4. Now for Erin who writes http://thedaydreamingfool.blogspot.com/.  I just started following her blog and Twitter for the last few months.  I laugh so hard some nights.  She is a fellow Canadian with the same frustrations (i.e. Netflix in Canada sucks).  I love how light-hearted she is and her ability to find time to converse with the world while running and managing a farm.  And having asparagus fights.  Yep.  Check her out.  Single too!  tee hee.
  5. Michelle is next and writes a great blog:  http://myrandomology.com/  My favourite?  Men VS Women: Does my Ass Look Fat?  Read it and be hooked.  Learn.  Laugh. I am.
  6. http://morningerection.wordpress.com/ by Tom Baker.  I love his stuff and he sent me a really great comment that got me motivated and back on track to the place I want to be.  He had the power to give me the confidence I needed  when he did his part in recognizing my work.  His blog is a lot of things and all of them different.  The name is the grabber.  Thanks Tom! (the guy doesn’t even know me tee hee)
  7. And finally, my friendwhomovedawayandleftme, Jan Jacobson http://punkrockmom-inside-out.blogspot.com/.  She is a tiny, most extraordinary woman with a big heart,  a big life, a big son and an even bigger husband.  Oh and big dogs.  I miss her terribly and her blog and Facebook are my link to her.  Very articulate; her smarts just explode from the screen along with her incredible blue blue eyes.  Her topics are meaningful to me as I can relate to most things she says.  Her fears, mental health and life changes are mine.  She’s da boss.  Check on her sweetness.

Thank you again, Sprinkles for this tremendous honour and your kind words.  I hope my readers will check out all 7 of these gifted writers and let me, and them, know what you think.