Stop Dreaming!

Wow. What a difference a day makes. The guy I gushed about yesterday sent me a text message an hour ago saying he met someone else. This was Mr. Keen too.


Go figure.

I’m fine. Had my boo hoos and my wonderful daughter held on to my leg while I cursed him with bad words and tears and wouldn’t allow me to demean myself by answering him in a way that would hide how classy I am.

Anyway, I meant what I said yesterday about giving a nice guy a chance. They are out there. I just haven’t met them yet. For now it’s going to be casual dating and no more dreaming.

Peace and love.

4 responses to “Stop Dreaming!

  1. What a maroon he is. He wasn’t so nice after all. We will find our man Marie… he’s just being prepared for us.


  2. Lesley Rempel

    I’m so sorry Marie about your breakup.There are good men out there so please be patient.You are a beautiful woman inside and out so hang in there and don’t give up. Lesley

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Phyllis Flint

    Lesley just said what I was thinking. Take care Marie and many hugs. My theme used to be “Nice and Easy Does It”. And I got very good at backing off and then, along came Doug, and I was pretty good at my theme, then one night he proposed and I can’t believe I said this, but. I said, I’ll have to think about it”! And I did!

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