The Best Traits

I’m sitting next to you
Watching you lie in that bed
holding you
Until you get to where you’re supposed to go
I hope you still feel my hand in yours
And know my heart is breaking
Because I will have to let it go

I’m remembering so many things
As tears fall from my eyes
Only the happy, the good memories
Have taken over my thoughts

Learning to fish and drive a car using our lamps as guides for parking.
The pride you never failed to have for each member of your family
And the love

The love

There’s a legend, I’m told
Of a grandfather leaving this earth
While his grandson is waiting to be born

So he may get his grandfather’s best traits
While they pass each other through the universe.

This could be why
My grandson is waiting so long to be born
He wants those traits so much from his great grandfather
And a lucky boy he’ll be

His gifts to him will be humility and pride
Kindness, love and a passion for sports ( Go HABS!)
A work ethic and time for family

I’ll have to let go of your hand soon I know Dad
So then I can hold a new life with
Your best traits


4 responses to “The Best Traits

  1. Lesley Rempel

    I love your blog brought tears to my eyes and I remember going through my Dad’s painful death.He never met his great Grandchildren.He had COPD and it was time.He had been struggling to breath for years so it was a blessing when he finally passed away. Sending hugs to you as your Dad leaves this life.Daughters and Fathers have a special relationship.Take care Marie. Lesley

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  2. Marie you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is so hard as daddy’s girl to say goodbye to the physical being your dad is, but you need to realize he will be with you not only in your grandson but also in many of your own best traits. Keeping you close in my heart at this time, and please call if you need anything ❤

  3. Marie – I am sending loving thoughts and prayers your way right now. What is a sad day for us, becomes a great day for all those on the other side. Wish I could hug you both.Be sure to take care of YOU.

  4. Thinking of you today Marie I am reading this today May 18 my fathers birthday. He passed away February 10 2013 after a fall he became a para C4 he was not in a good place for a short while but was taken home although great sadness in my heart still today I am gratefully. Of the things he taught me.Someone once told me god gives each parent the perfect child and each child the perfect parent it is years later and I am still realizing the things he taught me even on his death bed so thank you both may god bless you both and you are in my prayers tonight ps don’t try and get thru this on your own get as much support around you as you can you will need it !!!

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