This has been a week of waiting that’s made me weary to my bones.  My daughter-in-law is due to have my grandson anytime now and she’s working right up to the bitter end.  Good for her.  The anticipation is killing me.  I’m the grandma in line to look after my granddaughter when the time comes.

My dad hasn’t been doing very well this week.  I’ve been going every day to spend time with him, just holding his hand and talking. He was so dehydrated that first day and I was told he wouldn’t eat or drink anything for days before that .  Well, the first day my younger sister and I got him to drink lots of ginger ale and 7-up and those cracked lips and tongue plumped right up in no time.  He wasn’t refusing anything except the food.  And every day after that when I arrived he would be in the same condition, just parched.  So now my sister and I are going to make sure he stays hydrated by one or both of us going in to see him every day.  He’s definitely not the same man he was; he’s skin and bones and quite aggressive at times but not to me thank goodness.  My kids have gone to see him too.

Apparently he wouldn’t have made it to the weekend if we didn’t do this.  Time will tell how he will do now.

I’m exhausted today after  I spent 8 hours there in the most uncomfortable chair you can imagine.  So this post is short and sweet.

Oh and for the third time in my life, I heard him say “I love you”.  🙂

6 responses to “Waiting

  1. So sorry to hear your dad is not doing well Marie……it is so hard to see them go through this. I know he loves you and has always been so proud of you and Colleen. Whenever I was over at your house when we were kids he always had this wonderful smile when he was with you both. He may not have said it in words but he showed it in his demeanor.
    As for this baby that you are so patiently (or not) waiting for I wish him a safe a speedy delivery into this world. He will surely be loved by many (as are you) ❤

    • Thank you Sherri. It’s a weird time for sure. I’m seeing a different dad than I knew before. He’s not in the same world we are that’s for sure. He makes me laugh and cry. :’)

  2. Oh big hugs to you and your family. So sorry your dad is not well.
    Thinking of you always.


  3. Marie,
    I’m sorry to hear that your Dad is not doing well. How wonderful though, that even under the circumstances, he is able to communicate that he loves you! My warmest hugs to all of you.

    I hope that grand baby of yours is born soon!

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