A few posts ago I was talking about how I thought make-up would help me to look at and into my face. I’ve had a rude awakening today.

My face is so ravished by time and the stress of these last three years. I was wondering why I didn’t take a good picture!

My meds have helped me to be so overweight that I now need 3 chins to hold up my head. My eyes are drowning in the sagging skin where my upper eyelids used to be. The lines, I can’t even tell you about the lines.

Menopause has given me the gift of whiskers that I pluck out almost daily. My skin is the colour of dried Elmer’s glue and almost feels like it too.

Where did it go? Did I ever have it? Is it gone forever?

No witty end to this post. It is what it is.


4 responses to “Shroud

  1. It’s a wonderful reminder that we are so much more than this body. Be well.

  2. Love smilecalm’s comment. If I just look at my physical appearance it’s easy for me to feel gross or less than or too much of the bad.

  3. I feel llike that too and I think that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for sharing, Tori.

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