How do I feel right now?

I’ve been racking my brains about what to write with no inspiration at all.  Most of my starts were lame this week; usually this doesn’t happen to me.  Then, I thought of my favourite print a woman I used to know owned of a bed with rumpled white, white sheets under a window that looked out upon a summer morning.  I couldn’t find it online but this one felt almost the same.

From both photos, I get the sense that something wonderful happened in that bed.  It didn’t have to be sex at all (although that would be nice) but a night filled with whispers in the dark, secret touches, breaths colliding in unison, and two minds exploring the dreams of the other.

Then a morning escape for a day with a future.

Makes one sigh.  I sure did.


8 responses to “How do I feel right now?

  1. Love this…and the picture. It never occurred to me to look at pictures for writing inspiration. Thank you for that…a new world of words just opened up!

  2. Lovely picture – and your words just enhance it. I think of my bed as the most perfect spot on earth, and when I think of it, it is never made!!! Of course, it is seldom made in real life. My husband gets up later than I do and he sees no sense in making a bed that you’re just going to climb into again. Pictures as inspiration…I like.

  3. I agree Jam, I love beds…and under a window is also a fav…thanks for putting the links up. I love rain storms and a favourite of mine is to lie in bed and watch the lightshow a storm provides. Marie this is a great inspiration picture. thanks for posting it.

    • I remember a few years back having a wicked migraine at the beach. My older sister insisted I rest in her feather bed. She opened her old fashioned windows in front of the bed and the white curtains billowed in the breeze that came from her garden. I could smell the flowers, the soil and hear the birds at the feeder. Needless to say, I was floating and went to sleep. When I woke I felt so good. I’ve always been looking for that again. Nothing like the first time!

  4. Lovely and so makes me want a lazy nap!

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