50 Lessons in 50 Years

There are always things to learn.  I want to know more about more things. I also want to do better at the things I do.  I want to just be better.  I don’t think I’m progressing fast enough though.

I realized a long time ago sometimes I have to stop, look back on what’s been going on and realize how far I’ve come. How much things have changed.  A little credit, if you will.  Two weeks ago, August 22, I turned 50.

And I’ve come a long way.  Baby.


Thanks to the inspiration that came from Karen of Dreamin the Life blog , who, by the way, does not even know me.  I also stole wisdom from many others because they helped me to know what my truth is.  Hopefully I’ll word everything properly so it makes sense.

(Note: Many of these lessons have been acquired from other sources along my journey, and are not original thoughts.)

1. The first pancake always turns out badly.

2. I don’t have to get along with everyone, or make everyone like me.

3. Love makes me stupid.

4. I always have at least 2 choices, even if I don’t like the choices.

5. Sometimes even women need to learn to MTFU.

6. Most people operate out of selfish motivations.

7. It’s rarely about me.

8. Diet Pepsi is evil.

9. It’s okay to break the rules, as long as you are good enough not to get caught, and you aren’t hurting anyone.

10. “Be kinder than necessary ’cause everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

11. There’s three sides to every story; his, hers, and the truth.


12. Time doesn’t heal anything; it’s what you do with that time.

13. Complaining and blaming other people doesn’t help anything, and makes for miserable company.

14. Everything in my life is my responsibility.

15. I train people how to treat me.

16. There’s always hope.

17. I can always be grateful for something.

18. I’ve never made a mistake because I learned a lot of lessons.

19. My brain is complicated but not unmanagable.

20. Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness.  Knowing when it’s appropriate is a skill.

21. Google can answer anything.

22. Being silly is one of my favorite qualities in a person.

23. Honesty is always the easiest route.  It shouldn’t have to hurt though.

24. You should never stop learning, or trying to be a better person.

25. Worrying is useless, unless it motivates you to take action.

26. When people show you who they are, believe them.

27. There is only fear, and love.  And one of them is way more fun.

28. Love seems to be way over-rated

29. Verbalize what my relationship means to me – to my lover, my kids and also to me.  Listen.

30. Support my children’s dreams

31. Hold your children as much as you/they want while they are young.  They grow fast.

32. I’m responsible for the two wonderful children I have and acknowledge my role in raising them.

33.  It’s real easy to kick myself when I’m down.

34.  I’m a lot stronger than I ever thought possible.

35.  I am more vulnerable than I could imagine.

36.  I have many talents that haven’t been developed yet.

37. I love to write so much I get lost in it.

38. Beautiful things take my breath away.copying prohibited

39. Beautiful words will last a lifetime with me.

40. I love it when the man I love hugs me from behind and whispers in my ear.

41. I’m terrified of becoming my mother even though I admire her.

42. I’m more forgiving than I should be.

43. I don’t like to be told what to do.

44. I cook better than I realized.

45. I’m impressed when people ask me for my advice.

46. Discussion of ex-gf’s and ex-bf’s should be avoided at all times.

47. It’s cheating as soon as a man is doing something with another woman that he wouldn’t want me to see, hear, read…

48. Banks are people too!

49. Dieting does not work for me.

50 Life isn’t fair.

Good thing I’m just 50.  Whew, that took some work and soul-searching. Thank you to every person I love, who has taught me something, or encouraged me along the way.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.

12 responses to “50 Lessons in 50 Years

  1. Thought I’d put mine up here. you did note to ‘feel free to add to the comments in the reply below’…
    Here are some things that I learned, mostly the hard way, but some of the lessons were fun…
    1. Communication is key in anyones life.
    2. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat.
    3. You cannot make someone love you.
    4. You can raise a child without them fearing you.
    5. You can never have too many interests.
    6. I own the choices I make.
    7. Google and Wikipedia are my favourite go-to people.
    8. Save more than you let in.
    9. never turn down a cry for help, you never know when it might be your turn.
    10. you can live with a broken heart.
    11. if you try something and fail, it’s better than not even trying.
    12. don’t burn the bridges you cross because at some point you may end up on an island.
    13. if it doesn’t sound like fun, I’m not doing it.
    14. you can survive drinking 18 shooters in an evening.
    15. I can drive 669 kms on 1 tank of gas.
    16. always visit a friend or family member when they’re in the hospital.
    17. if you join a team sport, be a team player.
    18. I’m glad I didn’t become a police officer.
    19. Life is too short to live it in misery.
    20. say what’s on your mind.
    21. the tighter the hold, the more resistance you may encounter.
    22. honesty is the best policy.
    23. you can do the crossword in pen..just have correction tape nearby.
    24. I don’t have to win every time.
    25. I love to multi-task.
    26. you are never too old to learn things.
    27. Reading can take you on many adventures.
    28. slamming your fingers in a Van door…really, really hurts. your fingernail will turn black and be all ugly.
    29. no matter what I do, I still worry about things.
    30. everything in moderation is boring.
    31. a sense of humor will get you through just about anything.
    32. do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    33. I do not have the Math gene.
    34. eating alot of beets makes your pee purple.
    35. when you don’t know what to do, read your horoscope.
    36. There are some crazy people sharing the planet with me.
    37. Having a map does not guarantee you will get somewhere without getting lost.
    38. Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    39. money is a stupid concept.
    40. if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
    41. I am stronger than I look.
    (Sue with the silent p)

    • I am soooo missing that Math gene too! You have many I should have but I ran out of birthdays. Thank you Sue for playing!

      PS I remember how you found out how many km your one tank of gas will take you. You are a woman of courage!

  2. Soul sista! I gotta quit the Diet Pepsi ASAP!!! lol

    You are moving gracefully through your life… such a process, this journey, but so far.. you’ve got the important stuff down!!



    • Yeah, me and Diet Pepsi…it’s gonna kill me. Just not right now. I sure don’t FEEL very graceful although I sure can make it SOUND like I am! You are the best, Kim, for reading my stuff. Thank you.

  3. Deborah the Closet Monster

    There’s wisdom in all of these, but #4 is the one I most try to live my life by.

    33. It’s real easy to kick myself when I’m down.
    I love my boss for constantly reminding me I ought not do that with so many folks around waiting to do it for me. 🙂

    Here’s a new one:
    If her blog’s URL is mariekb.wordpress.com, she’s a keeper!

    • Thanks Deb! I like how people are picking out the ones they can relate to. #33 has to be one of the hardest to stop doing. Because its so easy I guess. I love Sue’s comment with Lesson #4; is that the #4 you mean or my #4? Hers is my new favourite.

      Thanks for reading, Deb!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Wow, I can relate to so many of these! With #1 it would be necessary to add, “So do the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!” I can’t make pancakes to save my life! 🙂 #15 and #26 are good ones that I’ve learned the hard way, in the past! And Sue’s #4 is a real goodie, cause I did just that! I have no more to add, as I’m still learning many of life’s lessons! 🙂

    • It’s true, Sue’s #4 is the best. I am always so shocked when people just don’t get that. I have interfered in so many families because of how they treat their children. I’ve learned that someone has to give a damn. Drives me so crazy and hurts me and the child and the whole damned family so much. I guess for them there is no other way.

      Oh Sprinkles, I expect to see a list on your 50th. You still have plenty of time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciated as per usual.

  5. oh yea, I forgot to ask you…what does your #5 mean?

  6. AHH…Im a noob..lol..I clicked on the highlighted..got it! you know Trevor told me that I have been steppin up my whole life..now I need to step forward! that made me smile. :)…also..my #8 is what I used to always say to Tyler..my hockey goalie.

  7. you are a very inspiring writer, i look up to you and love you very much!

    • Wow Tess, thank you so much. It\s something I’ve enjoyed for a long time. Actually most of my life. I am so proud of you going to U of M. You are going to change the world! xoxoxoxo

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