Still Got IT Now Take IT Back

Yeah, its been about 48 hours I’ve been a single woman in the big city.  Well the big city part is no biggie since I’ve lived in it all my life.  The single woman part I can live with considering the alternative.  I had things to do today including getting groceries as my daughter will be home today after being with her dad the past week.

Before that though I was off to the hospital where I was fitted with a holter monitor as a follow-up to my hospital visit a couple of weeks ago.  I met the nurse who ripped the shirt right off me that night.  She did it again for old times sake.  I told her how I wrote about her in my blog.  She was so tickled she almost dropped an electrode down my pants.

So here I was wearing a baggy shirt which was now all lumpy and had wires peeping out. Who cares?  I was never, ever one of those women who got dressed up and made-up to pick up milk.  Frankly, I rarely if ever do that anyway.  My hair usually looks as decent as I can get it to be, my clothes are clean and I smell good.  And now my shirt is lumpy with wires sticking out to add to that picture.

After my “fitting” I didn’t drive to my former neighbourhood grocery store but elected instead to explore the one near my new apartment. Same store different neighbourhood.  Not much in the store is different except the people.   Not that I knew everyone or anyone at the other store.  Just familiar faces at the till and in the aisles.

First encounter with a different person was in the freezer section where there was a great sale on pizzas.  Carly loves pizza. Its one of the 5 things she will eat.  There was a woman there, blocking the aisle and the doors to the pizza section of the freezer.  I saw a man approaching, and knowing he would want to attempt to get past the traffic jam, I moved up just enough so he could get by and so I wouldn’t lose my place to nab the freezer as soon as this lady finished reading all the boxes.  I was in no hurry.  Not yet at least.

The man started to pass me then he stopped.  No way was he going to cut in on my turn at the freezer.  Then I smelt him.  Then I looked at him.  He was smiling at me.  Oh boy.  Those were blue eyes.  I couldn’t help it, I smiled back as we both shrugged our shoulders and rolled our eyes.  He asked the lady to excuse him so he could get by.  He waited at the end of the aisle and actually laughed as I leapt for the freezer door.

The woman who had held up all the works leapt upon me too.  She asked me what was on every pizza in the freezer.  It was here I realized I really had to go to the bathroom thanks to the little white pill I take every morning for my swelling.  I told her what I could and then made my own selection.  She wanted to know which ones I picked and why and oh, why am I so polite?  I told her I had to go (indeed I did) so went off to try to finish the shopping before I drowned.

Another aisle.  Same man.  Same blue eyes.  This time he stopped by me in front of the taco shells.  He reached past my head to get hard shells.  He smiled at me and said, “Oh sorry, miss, am I in your way?”

Miss.  He called me Miss.


His very manly scent was making me a little dizzy (I will have to write that on the diary they gave me for my heart monitor).  I was so clever and said, “get outta my way cowboy or I’m gonna have to beat you up.”


He laughed and I smiled again.  By now my face was purple.  He told me it would be worth being beat up by someone with such a lovely smile.  I was so red and smiled again and backed away from the taco seasoning.  He asked about the wires.  I explained in 2 sentences, which, many people know, is not like me. He said he hoped my broken heart would heal.

It was getting hot in there.

I picked up the last 2 things I needed and then I saw the most amazing thing:

That’s better.

As I came out I saw the manly man again.  I actually hid this time.  Then I realized which aisle he was in.  Family planning and in front of the condoms.

Maybe I should just shop at the other store.


5 responses to “Still Got IT Now Take IT Back

  1. I wrote a post about unwanted male attention. Yours, I think, is better. Like you, I don’t go out of my way to get dolled up. Unlike you, my admirers aren’t so, shall we say, sweet smelling or clean…check it out if you get a minute.

    Hope your broken heart heals

    • Loved your post. I am no beauty in any sense of the word so when things like this happen it’s an event and one to write about. I subscribed to your blog as your example perked my interest. You are a really good writer that I can’t wait to get to know better!

  2. Ew girl, you just can’t help your hotness, can you? Also? This line is genius:
    “She was so tickled she almost dropped an electrode down my pants.”

    • You know, Tori, I am far from hot. I have the kind of face that makes people ask me, all the time, if I’m tired. I don’t know wha this guy was about. I think he was just practicing or it was a trap from some higher being to see how I would handle it. Now we all know how I handled it.
      I’m glad the electrode didn’t have a wire attached to it!

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