A Little Bounce Goes a Long Way

We had boxes.  We had bags. Even a little furniture. They were on time.  We were as ready as we were gonna be.  It was hot and humid and my deodorant was missing.

The moving men were really just boys but really big, really strong boys.  I saw one pick up my box spring and hoist it on his shoulder like he was carrying a ghetto blaster.  Then he went whistling out the door to toss it to his buddy who then placed it on the truck.  My fella and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.  We watched as one of them picked up three boxes of my books at once and carried them like they weighed nothing.

Amazing.  Youth is amazing.

So the gigantic men/boys climbed into their truck while we climbed into our car/truck and headed for our new digs.  Carly and I were very excited; I think I was more so as I couldn’t stop an occasion squeal from sneaking out of my throat.

We arrived and climbed the stairs to the caretaker’s apartment.  Interesting woman and I would need a whole post just to tell you about her.  This post shall give you a glimpse of what she was like the day I moved into my new life.

Greta was so pleased to see us and invited us in for tea.  umm, we came for keys, Greta.  “Oh no,” she said “you moving in tomorrow.”  Carly’s face = white.  I felt like I was going to faint.  Greta is from Croatia and hasn’t been in Canada all that long.  She got out the lease; I asked for a calendar and hauled out my shiny new phone.  I showed her the date on the lease, the date on the calendar and, finally, the date showing on my phone.

“Oh, Marie! Move in today! Oh Marie I not realize this”  She found a pen and Carly giggled at me while I jumped up and down and signed the lease and the other papers landlords seem to need. Downstairs we went to our new place where Greta knocked and knocked on the door, muttering that she hoped she doesn’t wake them up.

Huh?  Eh?

After several minutes of this she finally left us to go back upstairs to get a key


Finally, the door opened to our new home.  Carly ran from room to room checking everything out.  It was clean and ours.  It smelt funny though.  And it was hot.  Humid.  The movers arrived and started the business of moving.

I asked Greta for our keys.  She didn’t have one.  I patiently said I would wait until she got one from her place.  She said she had no more keys.  No keys for the apartment.


She was stuck on what she was supposed to do about that. Luckily I had my shiny new phone, where Carly found the email the former tenant sent me about the sublet.  Well, first she found the email from him about erectile dysfunction (I truly believe the poor man was a victim of a scam, he has 4 children and would have been  horrified to know I received this).  Of course Carly wanted to know what erectile dysfunction was.  Wanting her to find the other email fast, I just said it was for guys who couldn’t get it up.  She had no idea what I was talking about. Thank goodness.  I told her I would explain it to her when she was 18.  My mom used to say that to me too.  A lot.  I usually knew by then.

Finally, the correct email made its appearance and I phoned the former tenant.  He said he would be right over with the keys.  Carly’s face was visibly more relaxed and set to directing the movers like a pro.  Until I realized she was having them bring all her stuff to her room but everything else to the living room or my room.  In other words, if it ain’t her’s who the heck cares?


The former tenant arrived, all smiles and happy to see us. He had keys. I told him Greta wanted to see him so off he went and returned with Greta (and the keys!) a few minutes later. They had to do the move-out report form.

While they did that, I tried to fish out the canned goods from my bedroom and my underwear from the kitchen.  Then I got the royal tour from the former tenant.  Greta went back upstairs, saying she will be back to do a move in report with me.  I told her I had to leave for work by 3:00.

Since I had to work that night I struggled to get some order to the kitchen.  I found the kitchen garbage can, lined it with a bag and pulled open the cupboard door under the sink only to have it come right off in my hand.  Meantime, Carly was starving so I suggested grilled cheese. 

GD stove didn’t work.

A horrendous screeching and wailing came from down the hall.  It was the bathroom fan.  It was so loud one couldn’t hear what another person was saying.  It was a truly frightening sound and kinda snuck up on you while you were in there. Carly took her bedside lamp in so she can have a shower without screaming in fright whenever the fan decided to go bonkers.

I made a list for Greta.  She arrived the next morning while I was frantically getting ready for work.  She said the things on my list would be fixed in 2 days.

Our apartment is so nice and all the rooms are huge.  The only thing about it is the smell.  One storage closet smelled of cabbage and feet so bad.  I had Carly put fresh bounce sheets up in there and it worked like a charm.

And it’s so damned hot. Hopefully payday I will be able to buy a couple of fans.  We’re in a basement apartment so there’s not much air movement.

Moving day did go well. I was imagining all kinds of things that could have gone wrong and only a few of them actually did and those were easily fixed.  What I didn’t anticipate, though, was going to work that night and finding out I would have no more work at my second job for the month of August.  So now its a struggle again financially but I feel I am taking it in stride.  Carly has to get used to me saying “no” once again and she’s used to that already. 

To wake up in my own home without someone trying make my life as miserable as possible is so absolutely wonderful.  I smile every time I wake up in the morning.

I just need time to unpack and absorb it all.  🙂


6 responses to “A Little Bounce Goes a Long Way

  1. I’m not sure how calmly I would have greeted that sequence of events, but it looks like it turned out well in the end! Any idea what the source of that smell might be?

    Here’s hoping you got the “eventfulness” out of the way up front and it’s smooth sailing from here!

    • I’m counting on smooth sailing or somthing. The bounce sheets are holding their own in the closet so far.
      I think I had no choice in how to greet the events that happened. Otherwise I would be in a place with lovely pastel colours on the walls that would feel very soft and wearing the height of fashion of jackets that demand others do your chores for you.

      Nice to hear from you Deb! xoxoxo

  2. Yay! You’re all moved in! I’m impressed with your handling of your few moving mishaps! I’m not sure I could have been so laid back. I’m such a worrier!
    Maybe the former tennant was trying to make some sort of potion to cure his E.D. that involved cooked cabbage and dirty sneakers! 🙂

    • Believe me I’m a real worrier but my meds seem to help in that regard. A lot. Thank goodness. I think the former tenant of my apartment will now be known affectionately as ED.

      Thanks, as always, for commenting, Sprinkles! Been enjoying your posts lately.

  3. Reading your post today is like reading my post in the next couple of months! You have renewed my sense of excitement and I am really really anxious to find a place for the kids and I!

    I’m moving out of my relationship into a whole new adventure!! WOO!

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