If I Could Turn Back Time (feel free to sing it out loud!)

Now this is a picture of innocence.

Six very young women with the whole world at their feet.  They figured they had already seen it all.  This was before babies and marriage and illness and death.  They just started working at “real” jobs and most of them were living on their own. Some had already met their life’s partners, some never would and yet some would meet several.  Almost all had babies and one or two had to do it the hard way.

Little did these wonderful young women know that, not long after this picture was taken, most would never see the others again. The friendship that held these spirits together would dissipate into demands on their time, distance, the needs of others and some of them their very souls.

Never again will these young women experience the unique friendships as only young woman can because of sharing their lives since the beginning of Junior High School.  They had their first drinks together, shopped, talked, dated boys, cried over broken hearts and sad songs.  They tried cigarettes and pot.  Not all did but those that didn’t would always keep the others company.  They went places that would have been beyond their reach if they didn’t have each other.  Parties and socials, dating and family angst.  Their strength and weaknesses were just peeking around the corner.

The real ugliness and beauty that would be their lives had barely begun.

A lot of living in that picture.

The ferocity of the love they felt for each other would evolve; it may not include the women in this picture but this love was a springboard, a foundation of the love they would share with their future families and mature friends.

Where are they now?

I’m the one in the middle.

My heart aches.

8 responses to “If I Could Turn Back Time (feel free to sing it out loud!)

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Aw. This is a feeling I so relate to, especially having been the one to move away. Sometimes I’ll feel sad by how cut off I feel from “home” (the one I came from, of course), following which I’ll reflect on how I probably shouldn’t regret that which was brought about by my own choices. It’s hard not to feel that regret sometimes, though. Life’s beautiful now (even more beautiful than I’d thought it could get, thanks to the little guy imitating a rooster one room over!) or I wouldn’t have made the choice to move back down here . . . but it’s hard not to feel longing for the good ol’ days, even when they’ve been replaced by good new ones.

  2. Oh this is so unfortunately relatable 😦 I’ve had far too many friends float away like this.

  3. You made me cry 😦
    So much time has past, so many changes, and yet we are still those young girls at heart. Thoughts of being happy, moving forward in our lives, looking toward our futures, ………..not realizing the toll on our friendships. It is all still a balancing act, and sometimes we doen’t do a very good job balancing. I felt the same sadness and loss, the moment I looked at our picture.

    • I cried too, once I got over the fact I had a waist! Sherri, you were the most important person in my life at that time and you will always have a special place in my heart. I feel a post coming on and it would be all about you!

  4. As usual, very well written Marie – and this one I can relate to. I do know where some of my high school friends are – unfortunately some are dead (but then I am a heck of a lot older that you! LOL.

    • You’re lucky Phyllis to still know some of them. I like to think of how fortunate I am to have known these women at one of the most impressionable and vulnerable part of my life. Always love your comments. Your approval has always meant a lot to me.

  5. Angie (the photographer)

    I loved it. Thank you.

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