A Post Behind

Boy am I ever late!  I’ve committed to writing a post a week and, for the first time, missed one.  I guess life caught up with me, good and bad but mostly good.  I think it’s been the change in my meds; increasing the dosage tends to retard my accessibility to my creativity.  My creative juices are still flowing (I hope), I just have to work harder to turn on the tap. This will be a hodge-podge of things so bear with me while I yammer.  This is good exercise for me.

 My kids, whom you may remember from some of my other posts, have been my real focus.  My daughter went to Quebec on a school trip, for which we managed to get together enough money; thank you to all who gave me great suggestions, bought our fundraisers, and even lent me the cash.  She had a great time except for her beloved camera getting stolen on the second day of the trip.

The night before her trip I had my son over to have supper with us.  We three had a hilarious time!  True to their mischievous, odd, harassing and, yes, disturbing personalities, they set out to find ways to torture me.

They were so good to start off with.  Really good.  No wrestling (drives me crazy) and ate their respective meals respectfully.  No food was thrown.  Ate all their veggies.  All that changed right after the dishes were put away.  I came into the living to sit down and put my swollen feet up.  Without a word, and I swear they did not have time to plan this, my demon children approached me with such diabolical expressions on their faces I felt very apprehensive.  One held a salt shaker; the other an umbrella.  I knew then this was not going to be a relaxing evening.  One upended the salt shaker, spilling salt all over the floor; the other opened and closed the umbrella while singing show tunes.  I could not pick up that salt and throw it over my left shoulder fast enough.  The umbrella catastrophe has no known cure so that kid was on his own.  No amount of reasoning or cajoling would end the madness.  I even explained to Carly she was going on the plane in the morning.  Deaf ears.  They then proceeded to wrestle until I hid in the bathroom.

A lot of salt to clean up but I managed to avert disaster by waiting until they were gone and THEN throwing the salt over my left shoulder.  Whew.  I know I averted a plane crash.  They just don’t realize what I do for them and all the work it takes to keep them alive!

While Carly was on her trip I took a few days off work to spend some quality time with my fella.  Four nights, me and him...and his whole dad-gum family.  Great time, got to know him and his family better and vice versa.  I think I’m invited back so I must have been okay.  Can’t believe it will be a year next month that we have been together.

I’ve talked about our cat, Lucky, before.  Great cat and I love her to pieces.  Last night she got into my meds.  No, not like aspirin or exlax (thank you for that) (wait; I don’t have exlax, do they even make it anymore?); she ate one of my lithium capsules.  I noticed it gone from my usually covered dish this morning.  She had tried to get at my meds the day before without success.  She seems fine although I don’t think she blinked once since I got home from work and her head shakes a bit.  She is quite calm and my psychiatrist said she wouldn’t die.  So far its been close to 24 hours and, besides being a little odder than normal, I think she will be okay.

I missed writing.  Material just was not presenting itself or, at least, articulating to my fingers from my brain.  I should know by now that all I have to do is just sit down and do it.  I’m pretty sure I won’t miss a post again.  Halfway through the year already!


3 responses to “A Post Behind

  1. Hehe, it seems that I’ve no sooner said something like “that’s not going to happen again!” than “that” does happen again. I hope that’s not the case here, because I love reading your words and miss ’em when new ones aren’t here to read!

    • Thanks and I love when you read my words. It makes it worth the “work”. I’ve been learning a lot from your posts too. We will make a deal and write for ever! Gidyup!

  2. Hi Marie! I’m so glad you’re feeling well :)! I’m glad Lucky is fine, too. It sounds like you and your family have a busy, bustling household. It gets pretty wild around my place, too! I enjoy reading your posts and look super forward to your next one. 🙂

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