A Letter To My Friend Whom I’ve Never Met

Hello my Friend, Hello!

I really had to take time out of my busy schedule to let you know just what you’ve meant to me these last few weeks.  I’ve never known anyone quite like you and I totally love the times we’ve shared.

You have no idea what it means to someone like me when my public feelings are validated.  When you take the time to tell me how I affect you in your life or in that moment, I am totally shocked.  And touched.  And other indescribable things. I appreciate the fact that you want to and have the guts to tell your side of things to me. 

We are stronger together, more and more.

How could there be words to express to you how I feel because you took the time to spread my words to others.  I’m really not stupid or you wouldn’t want to be a part of my life.  My words actually mean something to someone besides myself.  I’m so glad it’s you.

I understand you want share the feelings I unleashed with a few simple words and statements.  Together we find meaning where it was hidden.  I feel there is now a totally new concept to the word “enable”. 

I’ve never meant to make you cry.  I know feelings can be overwhelming at times.  If I stirred up negative thoughts or memories, please realize I have them too.  I have them a lot.  You, my friend, have kept me sane.  I know you cry because I touched something deep inside.  It just needed a push to get out. 

You’re welcome for that.

I am filled with amazement and even puzzlement; you must understand my surprise and awe at your power.  I was NEVER popular and have had few friends. How can I describe what it means to me when I see more people wanting to know me, taking the time to reflect on my (??)point of view and wanting to become close to me. 

This happens because you said they should and because you believe in me.  That means more to me than I could ever tell you.

You have never met me.  I have never met you. Yet, I feel we’ve known each other forever.

All I can do is keep going, keep writing, keep having a reason to go on.  I promise to repay you in the only way I know you will accept.  I will spread the words of others who deserve the chance to shine.

Yes, that’s how I feel; all shiny. 

Thank you.

I love you,

Marie (mimicat12)

3 responses to “A Letter To My Friend Whom I’ve Never Met

  1. I love this post and I know what you mean. Thanks to you, Marie and keep on shining!

  2. I know this wasn’t ment for me but I love you too and you do inspire me and i’m so proud of you. You have grown so much as a person I love you I miss you and we need to get together soon.

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