Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

What to do What to do

Sometimes my mind is a blank.  Like today.  I want to write something profound and funny but there’s nothing there.  There’s an exercise I learned a long time ago; just write whatever is in your head.  Funny how I think there’s nothing there when I’ve actually wrote a couple of lines already.  It’s good to write like this sometimes because it gets rid of the crap inside.  I don’t like crap.  Crap is for sissies.  I work very hard at not being a sissy.  Whatever that means – sissy.

Some things are bugging me, like my 2 flat tires, my impending homelessness, my hangnails, and how to get the kid to eat more than 5 entrees.  I guess these more than just bug me because some I live with daily.  Some are downright out of my control.

I can think of a few devious ways to get my girl to eat more than stir fry, spaghetti, bacon, eggs and hash browns, lasagna and pizza.  My sister is has a knack for getting her to try something different.  I try to scheme with her friend’s mom too, that usually works.  She will eat stuff I don’t make, except these 5 things.  I love the surprise on her face after I force her to try something different and she likes it.

2 flat tires.  Hmm.  Can’t do much about those.  Been my focus all weekend, well all week, to be honest.  First there was just one and a kind stranger came along and put the donut on.  I KNOW I’m not supposed to ride on the donut but Jeez.  Then last night another one went flat.  I have no cash to fix them and I know a mechanic would say I need better ones anyway.  I hate having to rely on people to help me in situations like this.  It’s hard for most people to understand the urgency of my situation unless they live it, of course.  Not having a car will be the cause me to lose one of my jobs, my main bread and butter job.  How ridiculous it would be to lose a great job because of  flat tires.  I just got hired for a second job starting next week and I interview for a third on Tuesday.  But I need the stupid car (that I love).  My fella is supposed to come into the city and get me some good used tires.  I hope so.

Homelessness – hard to say for sure.  The house I’m in is borrowed and has just been sold.  I still have a few months to find a place hence the 3 jobs.  I just hope that will be enough to get us by.  I really don’t think I can work any more than that.  My sister has generously offered to put us up at her place in the country until we are on our feet.  I’ve been trying to get on my feet for over a year now.  Hence the 3 jobs.  If I live in the country, I still need the stupid car (that I love).

My hangnails?  I think there is a medical term for someone like me who constantly picks and chews (wow that was sort of a pun!) her hangnails, or heck, even create them so I can chew them.  That’s what I have.  A real nervous habit I picked up this last year.  My hands are a mess.  No hand modelling for me!

I am on the hunt for a turtle for the teen girl’s birthday.  Birthday that just passed by the way.  They are all $50 here and there are only like 6 in the city.  I should try to draw her one. .

I have some pretty special things in my life, including the fussy kid, the cantankerous car, my dad, a nice fella, and a son who drives his momma where she needs to go when her tires are flat.  Heck, when her life is flat too.

And Johnny Depp is on the TV.  Right now.