Hire Me; C’mon I Dare you!

I have had the most interesting job interviews lately.  I’ve been looking for a second job to make sure my daughter and I will find somewhere decent to live by summer.  I already have a part-time job, which I love, but it just doesn’t pay enough and I don’t want to give it up.

Last weekend I found an interesting job online for a medical receptionist.  Now, I was a medical receptionist/assistant for 15 years so I’m pretty sure I would be qualified for a job like that.  I emailed my resume and cover letter on Saturday and received a reply on Sunday asking for an interview that very day.  On a Sunday.  Okay!  So I called her and booked a time for 4:00.  She was working at home that day so she wanted me to come to her place.  I was leery, to say the least, until she gave me the address.  It was only the most luxurious and most expensive part of town filled with older mansions.  So I didn’t have a problem going there. 

I was way to early and had to drive around a bit.  I finally pulled up outside a 4 storey red brick mansion that took my breath away.  How many rooms could one house have?  I rang the bell and the woman I talked to on the phone answered the door.  She was dressed casually and looked very classy.  She invited me in to the foyer which was bigger than my living room.  But it was cozy.  It was all so warm and inviting.  She led me into the “parlour” where there was a real fire going in the fireplace and invited me to sit on a very cushy chair that swallowed me up when I sat in it.  She was looking at my resume when I felt something bump my arm.  It was a cat who had decided that I was to be its furniture.  So, there I was, sitting in a parlour in front of a roaring fire with a purring kitty on my lap waiting for the interview questions to begin.  They never did.  All she wanted us to figure out was how I was going to have enough hours for me, my daughter, my job and this job.  She eventually came up with a doable plan and would get back to me.  Not one question about my skills, accomplishments or anything I was ready for.  I left there thinking that the only thing missing was a cup of tea from a real silver tea service or a small glass of sherry or a big glass of wine.  Haven’t heard back from her yet.

This past Friday I had another interview, this time at Superstore as a Natural Value Manager.  This guy called me up over a week ago and was talking so fast I didn’t know what he was saying at first.  I finally got out of him who he was, why he was calling and which store it was at.  He explained he really needed someone soon.  We made an appointment for Friday and I drove to meet him at his store.  Up comes this funny man who walked as fast as he talked.  I do NOT walk very fast and really tried not to huff and puff.  Sean led me to the organic food aisle and pointed out some things.  Did you know there was organic hair colour?  Dog and cat food?  I didn’t.  He told me the gist of the job and how he had already talked to his supervisor and they would just work around my schedule.   All they needed was the criminal record check done and it was a done deal.  I had already done their screening test on-line. Sean has not had a day off in 2 months.  This explained a lot of things.  

He led me up to the place no one ever sees in grocery stores.  There was a huge window that lets you see the whole store; not a small feat considering the store was ginormous.  Staff was posted in front of it and monitors, watching everyone.  I was led further into the back and to a room with one other person in it and a pile of cheese wrappers.  Yep.  Apparently, the manufacturer packaged the cheese wrong and the grocery manager, who was the occupant of the room, had to throw out about $1,000 worth of cheese.  He had to keep every wrapper and count them.  I filled out some paperwork for Sean and he raced out of the room to get my driver’s license photocopied.  I watched Mike, the grocery manager (who was about 18 years old) try to sort all the wrappers.  Sean came in with a huge frown on his face and explained their copier was broken and he would have to go to another store in the strip mall to make a copy.  He would be gone for 10 minutes.  No problem.  My readers know how easy I am to get along with.  Right?

I asked Mike what he was doing and could I help him do it.  He was so surprised.  I said it was no big deal, I was sitting here anyway.  I started sorting all the wrappers into their own piles.  There must have been about 9 or 10 different kinds of cheese labels and about 50 wrappers for each label.  Soon Mike was following what I was doing.  A job that he figured would take all day took us 10 minutes.  I just sat down in my chair again when Sean came bustling into the room, waving my license and the photocopy in triumph.  Mike immediately jumped on him and told him that if Sean didn’t hire me, Mike wanted me.  I was pleased at punch, I tell you!  An 18-year-old guy hasn’t wanted me since I was, well, 18!  Before he left the room Mike said to me that he hopes he can learn to be as organized as I am.  I, of course, didn’t want to break this illusion of me.  I told him he never would.   He had to be a mom.  He had no idea what I was talking about. 

So I wait to hear from both these places.  I sure found them all to be accommodating.  Both seem like good places to work.  Good luck to me!

4 responses to “Hire Me; C’mon I Dare you!

  1. Marie – they both sound good – I think the Medical Recept. might be better in the long run – Hope you hear from one – or both and have to make a decision! What fun!

  2. Well-written, funny blog entry! Any of those scenes could be the opening for a movie. Let’s hope when it rains, it pours.

  3. Wishing you all the luck in the world…mostly luck for the job where the cat was…being interviewed by a cat is no easy feat but apparently you aced it.

  4. Hey Marie!
    Good luck on this latest venture! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and praying for you. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

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