The Good, The Bad, Incredible

Stealing this blog post idea from another blogger who is getting to be quite famous, Dan Pearce aka Single Dad Laughing.  I always try to give credit where credit is due.  All in this blog happened to ME and NOT to him!

Today worked out to be a perfect example of the title of the blog today.  A little Mambo #5 if you will. 

A little bit of kindness in my life,
                                                                       (sing it to Mambo # 5 get it?)
A little bit of crabby by my side.

A little bit of smilin’s all I need,

A little bit of scowlin’s all I see.

A little bit of me in the sun,

A little bit of my fella all night long.

A little bit of rudeness here I am,

A little bit of just in time makes me your man!!!!!!!!

Mambo number five

I can hear the wind section.

Okay the morning started off right, ignoring the fact I have a rude, condescending almost 14-year-old to hide from.  Dropped said child at her school and started the drive to work, keeping my eye on the gas gauge.  Not that it would fill it but I leave things like that until the last-minute as you will see later on.  I had no money so it had to last.  So down the street on my way to work is a 2 lane for quite a while and usually the left hand lane is used by many to make a left hand turn or one can go straight as well.  The cars in the right hand lane take that opportunity to speed up and pass those who are turning because the lane ends there too.  Today no one was turning and I was in that left sorta-turning/go-straight lane and saw, like most mornings, someone trying to speed up and cut in front of me.  Now this guy was really in a hurry and I am normally pretty competitive.  This morning though, I felt quite mellow (probably because no one bit my head off yet; that usually spoils my mood) so I slowed down and waved for him to go ahead.  He really wasn’t expecting it (this was a man in a truck so there ya go).  In he scooted then his window rolled down and pretty much his whole arm came out the window, waving like mad.  He even tooted the horn!  I was so surprised I smiled.  The happy fellow saw me smile and back went his head and I could almost hear his laughter.  Ah, what a good start to the day.  That was INCREDIBLE.

So I was to work pretty much alone today with only a student and a volunteer due to come in later.  I get there about an hour before we actually open the doors.  I wasn’t there 15 minutes when the doorbell rang.  I said a bad word and went down the flight of stairs with my still-crushed foot.  This was after I had to go up the stairs with the same foot.  At the door was the next door neighbour.  She was asking me for booster cables which I do not have.  I asked her what was wrong with it, what was her car doing.  Now she is from South Africa and cars and cold weather is still pretty new to her and she just assumes it won’t start because it’s winter.  I asked her to go see if her radio came on.  So outside we went and she tried the car and, behold, the radio works.  I asked her if she could have run out of gas.  She looked very embarrassed and confessed she was too “lazy” to fill up her tank last night.  Lazy my foot!  This woman goes to school full-time, works 3/4 time and looks after her 2 kids and her sister’s 3 kids.  I was only sorry I couldn’t drive her to the gas station but she had a friend with her that would take her there.  They left and I trudged up the stairs once again.  Not 10 minutes later the door bell rang again!  I said another bad word, different from the last one.  It was her again.  She wanted me to know I was a genius because that was exactly what was wrong with the car, no gas.  She thanked me and thanked me as she ran out the door to get to school.  I patted myself on the back and trudged up the stairs again.  So that was definitely a PASS.

No school today in the division where I work so I had kids start piling in about 11:00.  Mostly boys.  They were really stinky and noisy and they wanted my lunch and they wanted to watch me count the petty cash.  I was sad to be with these kids and their unwashed little bodies.  No one came to get them for lunch so I fed them granola bars and juice.  They didn’t notice they were neglected at all.  I was happy it was warmer out today so I could open my window.  I did open my window because they were really stinky.  So this part of the day is a FAIL.

I write a newsletter as part of my job and usually start it at the beginning of the month before.  Then I forget.  Which is what I did this time too.  Yesterday I figured I finished it and had all the copies ready to be distributed to all the tenants’ mailboxes.  I left them for the student hand them out for today.  I also emailed a copy to our Community Partners (like a Board of Directors but not).  I had emails this morning saying they didn’t get the attachment.  Oh boy, forgot again.  Sent it out again with the attachment.  Frantic phone call later from one of the Partners and an error in my bedbug article.  Pretty serious error.  Corrected it and recopied the stupid thing.  Well I tried to.  Ran out of toner.  Crap.  Now I had to wait for the student to come so I could run over to Staples to get more.  And paper too.  Oy I went through a lot of paper.  Still watching my gas gauge.  So this part of my day is a FAIL.

Heard at lunchtime from my fella and he is coming to spend the weekend.  INCREDIBLE.

Told my daughter my fella was coming for the weekend and she was totally rude and condescending.  FAIL.

Found my last $20  in a bank account so I can use it for gas.  PASS.

Riding home on fumes and not sure if I will make it to a gas station, but I did.  The staff at the Co-op were super nice and even washed my headlights.  PASS

Call from the ex, who was supposed to pay me child support a week ago now called to say he can’t again  make it today and will come tomorrow.  Thank god I found that $20.  FAIL.

It was sunny and warmer all day today.  INCREDIBLE.

Oh the day is not over yet as I write this and I do not want to predict what will happen.  Too much of a pessimist which is a FAIL.  I think I will keep smiling though because that feels really good and can’t help but be INCREDIBLE.


4 responses to “The Good, The Bad, Incredible

  1. I bet Carly made that face too when you told her your BF was coming over…LOL. Just remember to make the same face when she tells you her friends or BF is coming over….;)

  2. Marie – I found this in my “Women Who Do Too Much” Calendar and I immediately thought of your blog – Here it is:
    When you know when to laugh and look upon things as too absurd to take seriously, others become ashamed to carry through with these “silly” things – even if they were serious about them in the first place.
    There is a good approach for dealing with “crazy” bosses, “pompous” husbands, or “silly” children (or even ourselves when we get “crazy,” “pompous,” or “silly”).
    When we come so serious that we cannot discern what is absurd, we are at risk of doing too much.

    Find lots to laugh at this week-end sweetie-pie. It does amazing things for the psyche! Hugs.

    • Wow Phyllis! I try to do those things and some days do get to me. You’re right, when I do become too serious I am totally doing too much. Besides, it’s a lot of extra work. Thanks for the comment. Gave me lots more to think about and more clearly.

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