For the first time since my dad was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, he didn’t know who I was.  It was only for a minute or so but it broke my heart.  I covered for him nicely, as he gets embarrassed easily and then he promptly forgot he forgot about it.  He knew all sorts of things though.  He knew the age of my daughter without any prompting; he almost always knows I’m living in his house and he knows he owned a Kia and asks for it every time I see him.  He asks about my Fella after only meeting him 3 times.  He always asks about “the boys” (my brothers) and I never know what to tell him.  I have no idea if they visit.  I had heard recently that one of them has been coming so I try to remind dad of that.  He is always so sad when he asks for them.

Both my kids and I were visiting this time and had a really nice time.  As we got up to leave, one of my brothers came in.  When my dad saw him joy is the only word I can use to describe the look on his face.  It was lit up, he was smiling so hard he almost lost his teeth and he shouted out his name.  My brother was taken aback as well as the rest of us.  Seeing him only reminded me on how small my family is getting.

Your memories are far away
They are not in this room at all
When did time become my enemy
And wishes not come true
You’re far away from home
Not able to find your way back
You smile always
So trusting and unaware
Look at me
See me
I’m here
I’m there
Where are you

I Love You Dad.


3 responses to “410

  1. Great big warm hugs coming your way, Marie! I really feel for you….

  2. Many warm hugs Marie – this is a difficult time – for all of you. I will add you and your Dad to my prayer list.

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