Letter to the Past-Me

Dear Self:

You are going along feeling alone and afraid.  Look around you.  You have parents that love you unconditionally, a sister who is true to your soul and the rest of your family who will teach you about trust, mistrust, dares, disappointments and will teach you how to conquer fear.  Some of these family members will be the cause of your fear and you have to realize that none of it is your fault and there is no way to prevent it from first happening.  Trust someone will help you.  Trust your teachers, they will give you wisdom even if they seem stupid.  Respect your mother; she works hard for you and loves you more than anyone in the world will ever love you again.  And you will lose her.

Don’t be so afraid to reach out to people, to have friends.  You will find friends that could last a lifetime, if you only had the confidence to keep them.  You are pretty now and you will be pretty later. You will learn that pretty doesn’t alway cut it.  While you are still a child please eat because I know you don’t. As you get older do not try to hide your wonderfullness under a wall of fat because you cannot hide how wonderful are.  You may not feel you can be funny now but wait until high school; you will knock them dead with your humour.  This will lead to your writing.

Look forward to falling in love several times and having children who will be wonderful, just like their mom.  You will find a man who is happy with you no matter how you look (he will say how beautiful you are) and excited to be with you.

Your mental health will suffer but realize that there is nothing you can do about that.  One doctor will make a mistake in your meds so as soon as you have side effects, go to the hospital and then find a new doctor.  The next doctor you find will die soon after you start seeing him.  Still see him because he will get you back on track before he has to go.  All your medical records will be lost so try to find a way to get them.

Stay off the computer so much, spend more time with your family.  Drink more water and less Diet Pepsi.  Go to the beach more; play in the sand more; enjoy the sun more.  Trust your first instincts more.  You are almost always right.

Yours Sincerely,

Marie @ 49


One response to “Letter to the Past-Me

  1. that was truly beautiful thank you for sharing and i truly think its right on the mark

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