Before CPAP

House, Houston, Texas (LOC)

Dreaming for me has been overwhelming at times. There have been nights I just couldn’t wait to go to sleep because I knew I would be dreaming. I dreamt of a particular house for a long, long time. It changed every time I dreamed about it but it was still the same house. It had amazing staircases, foyers, windows and even some wonderful smells. The house would be scary at times, where I would be afraid to open a door. I usually did, though, only to find another wing of the house that was waiting to be explored. On the outside the house was rather ordinary and not very large. On the inside it was everything I wanted and some things I didn’t.

So if I were to interpret this recurring or serial dream (as I like to call it) I would say that the house had to be a representative of myself and the changes going on with me, good and bad. These dreams helped me through some pretty harrowing times in my life; a bright spot in my day that continued until the dream faded. It helped to organize my thoughts and hone my focus.

I now have a CPAP so my dreaming is less vibrant and my memories of them are not as frequent. I miss them most of the time.

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