How I Stay Focused

Open window

Focused? You want to know how I stay focused? I don’t think I can. I mean, I watch a movie and no one wants to sit beside me. I move around, scratch some things, blow my nose, look for gum, ask: what did they say? at least a dozen times.

At work, its hard to stay focused. I have a window. And Facebook is just a click away. I get things done though, eventually.

I read on here how one woman stays focused and that’s what I will try. Except now I can’t remember what she said. It was really good too. Hold on, I need to sip my drink.

So there has been some strange noises going on in the house I’m living in. Banging and creaking and moaning. Not two seniors going at it but something else. I think it could be

Oh hell. I forgot. Focused. I think I have to get into a zone and stay there for a while. I am easily distracted. If I’m hungry…hey, I think there’s pizza in the fridge. BRB.

That was good. What were we…oh yes. Focused. Maybe it’s another way to look at it. Like someone with ADD or ADHD. It is always said that they have a hard time focusing when, in reality, they focus very hard but on the thing you don’t want them to. For instance, my son had such a hard time in Junior High (now called Middle school, don’t get me started on that!). I went to talk to his teachers to see about getting something done and he came into the classroom with me. Immediately, after we sat down, he was fidgety, getting up from his seat. It was amazing. When we were out in the hallway, he was great. Turns out it was the flourescent lights buzzing over head that he could only focus on. We tried the other classrooms and that one was the worst and he got the worst marks in that classroom’s subject. They moved him to a different room and he improved a great deal.

Hey how was that? One whole paragraph I focused on. For your information I do not have ADD or ADHD. I simply have a hard time focusing sometimes. Or my focus is on what is itchy or my tummy growling or whatever. I can focus when it counts. My driving is pretty good and… Now I forgot again where I was going with this. It’s okay. I’m going to read some more.

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