What I’m Looking Forward to in 2011

I am looking forward to a feeling of peace that has eluded me for years. I want peace in my mind, my life and my spirit. I am looking forward to the work I will do to make this happen. I look forward to sharing that peace with my family and friends. With this peace I hope to have better relationships with better people and extraordinary ones with not so better people. I shall shoot for the moon and land softly, on my feet, on my earth.

I look forward to writing and maybe touching the lives of others but mostly touching my own life with the new-found confidence and joy I can have if I truly want it. I look forward to growing; in my job, in my love life, in my family life.

I am looking forward to calling a truce with my body. I shall give it what it needs and hopefully that is what it’ll want.

I look forward to learning new and diverse meanings in life, relationships and mechanics. Yep. Mechanics. Not the people who are mechanics but how things work and why do they work. The latter is the most curious for me.

I look forward to being inspired. Help me with that. Thanks.

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