Okay, I was patient.  Yes sweetie, I said, you cast will come off today.  I am 99 % sure.  Good thing I held on to the 1 %.  Her cast came off alright.  She also go another one in its place!  AAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH!  As soon as the old cast came off and I took one look at her foot I knew I was in for a terrible ordeal.  Her little face just crumpled.  It was heart wrenching, I tell you.  The doctor didn’t really notice until after he talked about the new cast and how much better it will be, bla bla bla.  Then he noticed her little face buried in her hands and sobs shaking her tiny shoulders, puddle of tears at her feet (well her one good foot).  I would think a doctor working at Pan Am would be used to this sort of thing but he was absolutely blown away by her reaction.  He asked her why she hated the cast so much.  She couldn’t speak at all and I just squeaked, "Gymnastics".  The light of day dawned on that man’s face.  He said a lot of things that made sense, of course, like because of her foot being fractured she couldn’t do gymnastics anyway.  That actually produced sound from her lips.  Sobbing out loud sounds. 
Oh my poor little girl.  Even the fact she will have a walking cast in any colour she wanted (black of course) did nothing to help her.  I did get yelled at as soon as we left the clinic.  and all the way home too.  and demands for Emily the Strange comics.  I feel fortunate that I made her promise before knowing the outcome, that no matter what she was going to have a bath.  I made sure she stuck to that and she managed pretty well.  So in 2 weeks we do this all over again.  If she gets a cast again I have a feeling I will be getting one too.
I brought her to my office in time for Art Group, her favorite reason for coming to my office.  Everyone made a big fuss over her, of course and that helped a bit. 
Well I’m off to find a supply of Emily comics before it’s too late.  I think she only has 4 out and my darlin already has 2 of them.  Wish me good luck!

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