Yes I feel sorry for my little girl with a cast on her leg.  Now wait, the kid smashed her big toe.  That hurts for sure.  She has a cast almost up to her knee for heaven’s sake.  And it doesn’t even cover her smashed toe?  Yep that’s right.  All to protect the growth plate in her foot from any damage it may have suffered from her "athletic injury" (the god-of-all-who-makes-casts told us to say that to save Carla any more embarrassment).  So the little kid is pretty handy with the crutches because, terrible mother that I am, I have let her play with adult sized ones since she was 4.  Within 24 hours it was no longer cool for her to have this cast on and crutches anymore.  I heard the "I’m bored" song for most of today and have given up trying to find things for her to do.  So I sent her to bed at 8:30.  Mean eh?  But she is asleep.
She was upset tonight because there is a big family dinner at the revolving restaurant on Tuesday night.  She was excited to hear that for sure as we have never been there AND she gets to bring her best friend.  She hobbled off to her room to find the perfect outfit for the occasion.  She came out with this really cute short skirt and was determined she was going to wear it.  Until she realized she had the cast on her leg.  Kinda ruined the look she was going for, y’know?  Inconsolable she was.
As I went closer to her to comfort her I realized by the aroma that hit my sensitive nose, she has not had a bath since Monday.  This is Sunday.  A little ripe for sure.  Do you think I could get her to take a creative bath or a bird bath?  Oh no.  I was quite evil even to suggest such a thing.  I did get to wash her hair in the kitchen sink though.  Along with crying and screeches of pain, her hair is at least clean.  Her dad/man I live with was convinced I was torchuring the child on purpose.  It was the last thing I could put up with.  Not him but the washing the hair behaviour.  So that’s when I sent her to bed.  Peaceful now but I will probably pay for it tomorrow.  Her best friend will not be at school tomorrow and I didn’t have the heart to tell her. 

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