I will see you tomorrow

I stand and watch,
watch you sleep,
so tiny, so still in a
bed that seems so huge
but keeping you
safe and warm.
I stroke your head,
skin smooth and so
your eyes flutter
with dreams
for tomorrow and yesterday.
Last week
so intense and busy for one
this age,
I try to keep up and help
too much,
"I can do it" you said.
Even today
you do things by yourself
when it seems impossible
that you can,
All I can do
is wait for you to ask
So I leave you tonight
alone in that bed
covered in the blankets not from our home
I kiss that forhead
filled with more wisdom
then I could ever hope to have.
and I whisper goodnight.
Tomorrow, Mum, I will see you tomorrow.

One response to “I will see you tomorrow

  1. I wrote this a few days before my mum died in the hospital. I still feel the ache after 3 1/2 years. I miss her still.

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