PMS…not for sissies

Amazing how it sneaks up on me.  My first clue was the extra pound showing on the scale at my Biggest Losers weigh-in.  No money for me this week.  Next clue was being uncontrollably cranky and no interest to change it.  Egg shells all over my house and everyone crunching them all over the place.  If I am not happy, NO ONE will be happy.  Not even my kid dared to do one of her very famous farts in my presence.  That was a first.  Then there are the empty chocolate bar wrappers in my car.  I accidently put one in a bag I brought into the house and Craig asked where his and Carly’s were.  I lied.  What else.  Protect those kit katbars at any cost.  Mine.
Even my hair went weird.  Well, weirder.
Anyway,  It’s over for another month and I am back to mellow and sleepy.
ciao for next time.

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